If we have the ticket on our phones can we still get our badge or does it have to be printed?

You can show up with your email confirmation on your phone and get your badge!

Will any vendors be accepting credit/debit cards and if so, do you know which ones? Just wondering if I should withdraw some cash at my bank before heading down this afternoon! :)

Our website includes which vendors accept Credit Cards and which don’t. You can find this at

We recommend you bring cash since anyways!

Schedule Update: New Enterplay Event Times

We’ve made some changes to our schedule, more importantly around the Enterplay scheduled events. Please see below for new event times and schedule:

Friday 10:00AM - 7:00PM

11:00AM - Regional #1
11:00AM - Deck Building Seminar
11:15AM - What does Enterplay have up its sleeve now
12:00PM - Hoofwrasslin
2:00PM - Learn to Play Sealed
3:00PM - Regional #2
5:00PM - Design a Card

Saturday 10:00AM - 7:00PM

11:00AM - Regional #3
11:00AM - Deck Building
12:00PM - Learn to Play Sealed
12:00PM - Hoofwrasslin
2:30PM - Cardapalooza
4:45PM - Regionals #4 
6:00PM - CCG Chaos is Magic

Sunday 10:00AM - 4:00PM

11:00AM - Championships
11:00AM - Deckbuilding
12:00PM - Learn to play Sealed

So dates are still not confirmed for Bronycorn 2015?

We have not made 2015 dates public yet but stay tuned.

Will BronyCon ever be held outside the east coast? I live in Oklahoma and I would love to be able to have a chance to go to the Con at least once in my life....

BronyCon for the foreseeable future will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. We can recommend you check out Fiesta Equestria which is a convention in Texas.

The "Are You Smarter than a 5th Season Producer" panel, is it general trivia or pony trivia you'll be asking the staffers?

Pony Trivia!

I didn't pre-reg and I won't be in Baltimore till Saturday. Is there a possibility of selling all the "at door reg" badges on Friday or are you setting aside a certain amount for each day?

We will be selling badges at the door and we do not have a limit, so they won’t be running out. See you on Saturday!

I'm a panelist this year at BronyCon, and I've heard there is a separate line. What information could you give on that? Also, if I have a non-panelist with me, could they go in that line as well?

There will be a separate line for panelists and press. Unfortunately your friend who doesn’t have a panelist badge would have to make the full line since they will have the certain badges that the other booths won’t have.

Hey BronyCon. I can't help but notice the lack of Mario Kart 8 in the game room. I can only assume this is due to lack of a WiiU? I wanted to ask if I could offer mine for the weekend, as it's a newer game people love and have been wanting to play, and it might make the game room more fun.

Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to allow you to bring the Wii U inside the Baltimore Arcade but you are welcomed to bring it and play with other bronies either in the lobby area or in your hotel.

Thanks for the offer!

At the cosplay photo shoot is there going to be a professional photographer taking pictures and if so what is the pricing range for the pictures?

We will be having BronyCon Official Photographers there to take photos. All photos taken will be uploaded to our official Flickr account and social media networks. Once the convention is over, you’ll be able to find them online to places we’ll be sharing.